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The Rebel and the Rose.
One courageous, brave and unyielding, the other soft, delicate and graceful. Each of these are distinct, unique and equally beautiful in their own right. At Rebel & Rose, we aim to celebrate all that makes us individual and encourage you to express yourself and connect to what makes you uniquely beautiful.

Drawing a Parallel to History
Concord MA is routed in the heroic and the prolific. From the noble battles fought here, t
o it’s expressive literary culture, Concord was home to many brave, passionate and creative souls who have earned their place in American History.

It is in their honor that we chose the name Rebel & Rose. “Rebel” celebrating those who went to battle to defend our new nation and the “Rose” t
o represent the creative and expressive writers who inspired so many to blossom.





We are thrilled that you are here!

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